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Side Prenses Hotel  Antalya - Side Hotels 

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Side Princess Hotel - Side Hotels - Hotel Side - 5 Star Hotels

Location: Princess Resort Spa Hotel Side Antalya Airport, 60 km from Airport, 65 km away Kumkoy. Side view of the unique and delicious you can vacation in a natural environment.

About Facility: Facility 235 rooms, 60 family rooms, 25suite room, a total of 320 rooms, oluşmaktadır.Tüm rooms, TV, minibar, air conditioning, telephone, hair dryer, shower, floor laminat.Odalar Sea, pool and mountain views.

Activities: Panoramic Elevator, A la carte restaurant, snack bar, indoor and outdoor restauant, lobby bar, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, children's pool, 2 slides, conference room, TV and reading lounge, dry cleaning and laundry, children's club and game park, doctor, gym, sauna, massage, shopping center, disco, bowling, billiards, steam room, an amphitheater, a beauty center, hairdresser, Renta Car, animation ..

Beach: 150 meters from the sea (to break through) plaj.Şezlong special, all inclusive beach umbrellas is free and is continuing.

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: İnönü Bulvarı No:29 Side / Manavgat / Antalya 
: Side - Antalya 
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